You have known us for 50 years. Our story began in 1957, when Professor Veceslav Harnaj and some of his friends, passionate beekeepers, founded the Association of Beekeepers. It was the first association of the beekeepers' guild in Romania. In 1965, also from the plans of professor Veceslav Harnaj, the Baneasa Beekeeping Plant was established, under our current name: Veceslav Harnaj Beekeeping Complex.

In Munich, the gold medal and the "Agfa Gevaert" Enterprise Award for the film "Apis mellifica carpatica" were awarded to professor Harnaj, in 1969. The 1971 Apimondia Congress brought numerous gold medals for: centrifuge with 32 frames and hydraulic transmission, the automated control panel of the honey homogenization line, achievements of the Baneasa Beekeeping Plant.

In 1973, at the congress in Buenos Aires, acacia honey was awarded the gold medal, the only distinction of its kind ever awarded to an assortment of monofloral honey. Also in 1973, Apidermin cream received the gold medal. Acacia honey continues to be awarded, the last distinction received being the Gold Medal at the Apimondia Congress in Montpellier. In Montpellier, linden honey received the Bronze Medal, in 2009. Our honey and products continue to gather medals and awards to this day.

In 1977, 16 gold medals were already awarded to Professor Harnaj for the constructive and technological conception of the Baneasa Beekeeping Plant. In 1991, the Baneasa Beekeeping Plant became the Veceslav Harnaj Beekeeping Complex, our current name, in honor of the greatest personality of the Romanian beekeeping.

We carry on the tradition of professor Harnaj, making the benefits of bee products accessible to everyone. Our products, api-cosmetics, beekeeping equipment, food supplements, have created stories during several generations, and a Romanian tradition with world renown in the field of beekeeping.

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