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An api-cosmetic gift built around the star ingredient: royal jelly, royal food and biological concentrated formula, rich in vitamins and proteic substances. The Apidermin gift contains: Apidermin regenerating shampoo 250 ml, Apidermin regenerating balm 200 ml and api-cosmetic indulgence for shower. The ideal gift for an indulged skin.

Apidermin shampoo stimulates the regeneration and strengthening of the hair through the triple action of the royal jelly complex and of the marigold and nettle extract. The royal jelly, which is the active substance, is the only natural substance which stimulates the cell regeneration, and it is a powerful tonic for the hair, with a maximum shine effect.

Apidermin regenerating balm is an api-cosmetic indulgence which stimulates the growth of fragile hair, chemically damaged and it strengthens it from the root to the end.

Apidermin api-cosmetic indulgence for shower brings together the deep cleaning effect of propolis and anti-wrinkle properties of the royal gelly, helped by the macadamia nut oil in the fight against ageing. The skin is always maintained young by the royal jelly and the macadamia nut oil.


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