Freeze-dried royal jelly

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When the bees decide for a new queen, they choose a larva that they feed on large amounts of royal jelly. The difference between a worker bee and a queen is given by royal jelly. The life expectancy for the queen is 5 years, a colossal age compared to 42-45 days working bee and responsible for this huge difference is the royal jelly.

The box contains 2g of freeze-dried royal jelly needed for a 10-day cure with royal jelly divided into 10 ampoules of royal jelly and 10 ampoules of solvent. Lyophilization of royal jelly is performed according to scientific methods that will ensure a stabilized preparation, prepared in optimal conditions to keep all the properties of the royal jelly intact.

It is good against:

anaemia, arthritis, asthma, urinary tract infections, heart disease, depression, diabetes, endocrine disorders, hormonal disorders, hypertension, cholesterol, impotence, infertility, premature aging, panic attacks, anxiety, skin problems, weight control, fatigue.


Royal jelly.


For consumption, a royal jelly ampoule and a solvent ampoule are opened simultaneously. Using a pipette, remove the solvent and place it in a vial of royal jelly, which is stirred until the royal jelly is completely dissolved. The content is consumed sublingually before breakfast. After a cure of 2g of royal jelly, there is a break of 7-10 days. In an annual treatment, 10-12 grams of royal jelly will be administered to adults and 5-6 grams to children under 10 years.

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