Apis Sana propolised honey

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The name of this miraculous substance derives from Greek. When they saw how the beehive is constructed, the Greeks called it "the outside area of the citadel (suburb)", the propolis having a protection role against intruders and transforming the beehive into a genuine fortress. Propolis is a biostimulator, a product resulting from the bees' digestion, which contains vegetable resins, balm, essential oils, iron, copper, zinc, manganese, to which pollen is added. Propolised honey combines the benefits of honey with the antiviral, antitoxic and anti-inflammatory effects of propolis.

Propolis: 2%.

It is good against:

sore throat, cough, enteritis, acute and chronic colitis, viral infections in the intestine, hypertension, menopause, nephritis, prostate, prostate adenoma, cancer, fatigue, germs, wounds, pain, bleeding gums, frostbite, infectious eczema, radiation.


Honey, propolis 2%. 

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