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Offered with generosity by the bees from the nectar of the flowers, the honey is: a medicine, natural sweetener, excellent nutrient, source of vitamins and minerals, natural antibacterial product, antimycotic and antioxidant and a natural laxative. The anti-inflammatory properties soothe and heal scratches, wounds, burns, having an emollient effect on the skin. Honey, the sweetest medicine, contains vitamins, such as: B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and C, depending on the quality of the nectar and of the pollen, also recommended for the children's harmonious growth and development and for the revitalization of the elderly. Minerals such as: copper, iodum and zinc (in small quantities, due to the presence of the pollen) are added to these vitamins. The wonderful taste of the honey and the sweetness of the flowers are a true medicine for the soul.

Linden honey is a golden clear, strong type of honey with a distinguished flavour. The strong flavour is given by the woody and fresh notes, suave caramel tnotes and the sweetness of the flowers in the sweetest nectar.

As good as honey because:

It has antiseptic calming effect for the nervous system, prevents and treats affections of the respiratory system (asthma, bronchitis), gastrointestinal and biliary disorders, cardiovascular invigorant, healing effect for burns.


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